The Faux Left In The Spotlight: The Truth About Truthout

[Blogger’s note: This was posted on Facebook by Rich Gibson.]
Just posting a demonstration of who it is that is behind the Dem Party front, Truthout, and how these corrupt saps think:
Dear readers,

It has been a deep honor and an incredibly fulfilling pursuit to work at Truthout as Director of Development and Communications, to write to you all and to receive your support for an organization I care deeply about.

You may have noticed that most of Truthout’s most recent fundraising messages were signed by Joe Macaré and Executive Director Maya Schenwar. Joe is stepping in as Director of Donor Development and Outreach, and I believe he will do a tremendous job. He’s whip smart, capable and fully committed to continuing the excellent progress Truthout has made.I’m moving on to become the Executive Director of the World Business Academy, a nonprofit business think tank with the mission of changing business leaders’ consciousness from self-service to servant leadership; changing the consciousness of young people entering business, so they see themselves as entering a noble profession, rather than a jungle; and changing the consciousness of the public at large so it spends its money where its values are.

Thank you all for being a part of Truthout, an organization with a remarkable staff that fulfills a critical service in pursuit of the changes we need to make as a species. Thank you for making our most recent fundraising drive a success. And thank you for allowing me to email you so often over the past three years!

Matt Renner

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