Faux Left In The Spotlight: Bill Blum On DemocracyNow

Democracy Now — long a standard of progressive radio-TV news — has been almost as bad as CNN and al Jazeera (the latter owned by Qatar, an active military participant in both Libya and Syria). The heavy bias of Democracy Now in this area goes back to the very beginning of the Arab Spring. The program made some unfortunate choices in its mideast news correspondents, seemingly only because they spoke Arabic and/or had contacts in the region. Where have you gone Amy Goodman? RT (Russia Today) has stood almost alone amongst English-language television news sources in offering an alternative to the official Western line.


My only problem with this is that Goodman hasn’t gone anywhere, she was never there in the first place. Her show has been faux Left from the beginning.

The quote is from Blum’s blog. I discovered it here.

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