The Film “The Flat” Falls Flat: A Highly Praised Israeli “Documentary” Manipulates Its Audiences

I believe this essay, which can be found here, is a slick piece of propaganda. Here is the comment I submitted:

Is Lieberman guilty of precisely the thing of which he accuses Goldfinger?

“In order to prevent a documentary that investigates the known discourse between the Zionists and the Nazis to transport Jews from Germany to Palestine (nothing sinister but an interesting story) and the peculiar relationship between a Zionist family and a Nazi family.”

Nothing sinister? Is that a joke? The forced migration of hundreds of thousands of German Jews is not sinister? How about the series of disenfranchising laws which preceded the cruel deportations [also zealously endorsed by the Zionists]? And what about not only “the known discourse between Zios and Nazis” to encamp Jews as forced labor in the lands the germans conquered, but the active participation of the Zios in that effort?

Peculiar relationship between a Zio and a Nazi? There was absolutely nothing peculiar in this relationship, both movements are fascist in nature, and they cooperated throughout the war, with each providing important intelligence and logistical support for the other.
It was more often than not the Judenraete [Jewish councils], almost exclusively Zionist, which rounded up the Jews for trip to the concentration camps.

The real peculiarity here is an israeli accusing a foreigner of being a war criminal, now that’s ironic if nothing else.

This essay raises the proper questions and criticisms, but in the end trivializes them, which is precisely what good propaganda does.

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