Nick Hanauer: Black-Belt Bourgeois Propagandist

Beware of plutocrats bearing consolation.

This guy is good ya! Well, save for the redundancy in the title anyway.

Reading his article, A Message from us Rich Plutocrats to all you Little People, a “little” guy might think he had a friend in Mr. Hanauer. He understands, not like those other rich bastards who don’t give a damn about anything but their money. Nick feels our pain

Not so fast.  Our oleaginous friend has a sinister motive: deception.

This is basic propaganda technique: He tells us that the reason he and his rich buddies “view President Obama with such intense disdain” is that “his views about the importance and primacy of the middle class diminish our status.”

In a confessional tone he reveals that it’s really not about the money, but rather power and status. “Our manhood is at stake,” he bemoans.

He fills his essay with seemingly candid admissions about his class and their excesses to win the confidence of his audience, once thus ensnared the reader becomes credulous and is likely to believe any lie no matter how absurd.

Hanauer’s aim, the fundamental fraud he is perpetrating, is to convince the gullible that the elite hate Obama, that the plutocrats’ candidate lost the election to somebody who represents the interests of the middle class (by which of course he means the working class).

And that is a steaming dog pile.

Why on earth would the elite hate Obama? He has given them everything they have wanted. As Hanauer admits, great gobs of national wealth has been redistributed up the daisy chain to him and his ilk under the current administration, Obama, like Bush before him, has been a windfall!

The basic tag line here is that the working class held off the aggressive push of the plutocracy, as represented by Mitt Romney, and that we working people should be content that our man is in the White House. We can sleep soundly now that we have been saved from the reign of capital. That’s the message, and it is horseshit.

According to the bourgeois press, Obama received money from Rothschild- and Rockefeller-owned banks, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Nick’s good buddy Bill Gates, apparently Hanauer doesn’t consider them rich enough to be counted as plutocrats.

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