Yale, The Finest Bourgeois Education Money Can Buy

Ah the benefits of an Ivy League education! One never has to confront the truth.

This video begins with its central deception. The professor states that the economic expansion he describes was initiated by an increase in population. Hence the advances in agriculture and industry were an attempt to provide necessary goods and services for England’s swelling numbers. In other words, the British state undertook the course it did for the benefit of rank and file Brits, rather than for the enrichment of the class it represented. Altruism was motive, not gain.

And that is preposterous!

In this lecture, the students, the ruling class of tomorrow, will learn that the theft of the commons (referred to here as “enclosure”) encountered some resistance, but was completed largely with the consent of the dispossessed.

(A moment of silence please for the thousands of our brothers and sisters who were killed defending their homes, or were reduced to tenant farming or worse as a result of the privatization of the British commons.)

The professor refers to mass use of child labor only briefly and once, and then seemingly with admiration!

In a full hour’s discussion of the birth of the industrial age, our erstwhile instructor never once uses the words “capitalism” or “slavery.”

Then, at the end, as a concession, he admits that some “social groups” (note he doesn’t use the word “classes”) suffered as a result.

I cannot imagine a more tendentious discussion of this topic than the one presented below. There is no mention of the thousands of children who would die in these factories before they were old enough to grow hair under their arms. There is no mention of the millions of English, Irish, Africans, and indigenous Americans who were enslaved or indentured. Nor is there any mention of the countless millions who would reduced to crushing, blighting poverty. The presentation below is a whitewash of epic scale.

I wonder how much it costs to send your kid to Yale these days…

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