Was Boris Berezovsky Murdered?

I don’t know, but Forbes magazine is making me think so.

First report said he died in his bathtub, now it is that he hanged himself. Such a discrepancy leads to incredulity certainly, but even more compelling is the effort by Forbes to dismiss the idea of foul play. This article by Adomanis is an attempt to stifle inquiry, ham-fisted yellow journalism of a virulent type reserved for matters of importance to the ruling class whose mouthpiece Forbes is.

My initial reaction was to doubt that Putin whacked Berezovsky. As far as I know, the latter had no incriminating information on the former as Litvinenko had, and was pretty much out of Putin’s hair in London. If Tsar Vladimir wanted Berezovsky out of the way, he would have died long ago. But febrile articles like the one linked below are for special occasions only.


Here is a good brief bio of Berezovsky:


For a good look at Putin’s Russia, watch this.

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