Bourgeois Press Up To Its Old Tricks: Kim Jong-un, The Boy Emperor?

Any conquistador worth his chainmail will tell you it’s always good practice to gin up support from one’s countrymen before launching an unprovoked, peremptory military attack. It isn’t hard to do. First you blame the victim, demonize them. And here there is no room for nuance, ambiguity will not do. Circumspection does not facilitate conquest, neither does restraint. Overstate! No one likes a reluctant imperialist, call it WW3 or something ridiculous like that.

Once the target is adequately villanized, impute to him a nefarious intent which will imperil the people back home, or their loved ones in the armed services. And it doesn’t matter how improbable the threat is, fear is the greatest motivator of all. It is the predicate of all criminal statecraft. Convince them they are at risk, and they will clamor for military intervention.

The best way to do this is to be as belligerent as possible with the target. Rattle those sabers and rattle them loud, this will likely produce a response in kind. Making the target feel as though an invasion is imminent may cause them to do things which are not in their interests. Often this will lead to a military build up which will make them appear to be the aggressor, and make your charge of profligacy all the more credible.

This is precisely what is happening to North Korea. And the empire has loosed its media hounds.

The first rule of propaganda is to assert the opposite, which NBC’s professional liars do adroitly: It is Kim who has an empire, not his tormentors in Washington; it is he who is stomping his feet, not Washington. It is suggested that Kim cannot discern myth from reality, when it is quite obvious that he recognizes the threat he faces all too well, and is taking every precaution available to him. Here’s a nice touch: Kim is obsessed with secrecy. In the history of the United States, we have never had a president more committed to the protection of state secrets than Barack Obama. He has tightened laws regarding unauthorized disclosure, and sadistically persecuted any leaker or whistle-blower who has dared to skirt them, yet NBC insists that it is Kim Jong-un who has a fetish for security!

And just in case we still didn’t get the message, there was this bloated metaphor: Kim Jong-un is a thug with a machine gun!

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