Sibel Edmonds And The Power Of The State

IF you listen to this interview you will learn that everything that you have been taught about American government, and everything that your children are being taught, is nonsense. We do not live in a democracy, democracy is precisely what the ruling class fears.

We live under the dictatorship of the government in DC. What it says goes-full stop. It reserves to itself all powers necessary (which are all powers) to preserve the capitalist order. Separation of powers, the Bill of Rights etc. are charades designed to keep us believing that the state acts on our behalf. The Constitution grants to the state the power to repeal, override, circumvent every single protection it purports to afford to the citizenry.

Sibel Edmonds was “classified.” She could not even divulge where she went to school or what languages she could speak, all in the name of state security.

Even if you are not particularly interested in this topic, the relevance of this interview exceeds its scope.

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