Buenos Aires bombing in 1994 allegedly instigated by former Interior Minister

You mean there was a terror attack which was falsely blamed upon muslims for propaganda purposes????????????????????

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Can’t be!

This order, this capitalist order, is maintained through the three Fs: fear, force and fraud. without them, the ruling class wouldn’t rule for very long. Here’s how it works: You deceive them into believing that a world divided into rich and poor, landlords and rent-payers, factory-owners and wage-slaves, governors and the governed, is natural and beneficial for all. This is done through dis-education in schools and government and media disinformation. If, sadly, it works, the bourgeoisie’s job is done. If not, then they move on to fear–they paralyze us worry and dread. If I resist I might get arrested and tortured, or maybe lose my job or get beat up by their thugs etc. However, once they have got people pissed off enough that they no longer care about consequences, then the police come out and beat the fuck out of you or they fire hundreds of bullets through your bedroom wall or a drone flies over and incinerates you etc. The Mossad psy-op in Argentina is fraud conducted mainly to terrorize their own population into believing that the Islamic world wants to drive them into the sea and therefore they must support their government’s fascist, genocidal policies vis-a-vis Palestinians.


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