How Bank of England ‘helped Nazis sell gold stolen from Czechs’

No surprise here. The BoE’s director, Montague Norman, with help from the New York Federal Reserve Bank and its Jewish director, was laundering money and funneling it to the Nazis. Hitler’s list of patrons is a who’s who of international capital with the two biggest contributors being the two largest German banks, both owned by Jews (Rothschilds and Dresdners). Neville Chamberlain, Norman’s protege, went to Munich to assure Hitler that England would do nothing to interfere with Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. In fact, Chamberlain offered material support to that effort by freezing Czech assets in Britain, several hundred millions of pounds, thereby dashing what little hope the Czechs had. The pretense to confrontation with Hitler–the photo-op landing and his waving the piece of paper around–was a charade.

WW2 was not a war against the Jews or gays or Gypsies or Catholics, it was a war against the international working class (read John Spritzler’s The People as Enemy), a war against socialism. That is why the Western “democracies” refused to aid the republican forces in Spain in the name of neutrality knowing full well that Franco would get what he needed from Germany and Italy, and did. That is why the Western Allies refused to open a second front to aid their putative allies the Soviets until after the latter had seized the initiative at Stalingrad and had the Germans on the run. The working class was divided on the battlefield, the bourgeoisie was united from beginning to end.

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