Hindutva [Indian Fascism] Marches Ahead As Modi Named Prime Ministerial Candidate

I posted this comment under the article:

Reading this and the pdf under Hindu Supremacist World View I couldn’t help but be struck by how similar this is to what went on in the Weimar Republic. Fascism as a political brand was concocted at Versailes to combat the rise of socialism. [Woodrow Wilson: “We are in a race against socialism, and the whole world is on fire.”] Mussolini was put in power before the Treaty negotiations were finished. There is little to choose between the Nazi Party’s 25 point platform and Shamsul Islam’s summary of Hindutva–aggressively militant sectarianism enforced by a powerful centralized state. Reading the now public transcripts of the private meetings at Versailles leaves little doubt abt what concerned them–the insurgent working class. I wonder if Hindutva is the concocted response to Maoism in India as Naziism was to council communism in Germany. Would like to hear what readers of this page think.


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