Obamacare to leave 31 million uninsured

And guess who they are.

This bill moved unprofitable patients/age groups off the rolls of private insurers and onto public care, and then the most needy of them will be booted out of that.

As regular visitors to this space will attest, I predicted this would happen several years ago. How did I know? Simple, we live under the rule of capital, whatever benefits them will get rubber-stamped by their goon squad (i.e. the government). And what is good for them is by definition bad for us, because it is us from which their wealth and power comes. The rancor between their two political parties is for show; to make you think there is a real conflict going on. There isn’t. There never is. What we have is not a free market for ideas, what we have is a ruling class.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, it is you and I and every other working person who is their target.


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