Disinformation Alert: The Bourgeois Broadcasting Corporation Is Up To Its Old Tricks

[ Blogger’s note, December 16: Found this from Gregory Douglas: http://www.pdfarchive.info/pdf/D/Do/Douglas_Gregory_-_Gestapo-Chief.pdf ]

[ Blogger’s note 2, 12/19: Oh the power of the state! If during the exhumation of a politically non-sensitive corpse non-indigenous soil was discovered this would be accepted as evidence that it had lain abroad before being interred where it was dug up. Nobody would protest that interpretation or call anybody adhering to it a nutcase. Yet the (few) comments I have received insist that that is not evidence, or that it is woefully insufficient.

It isn’t. It means either that, or that somebody brought soil from abroad and placed it in his grave. This is an IQ test, ladies and gentlemen, simple as that. One either uses one’s own critical faculties, or one subordinates them in trust to the state. If one has the nerve to think freely and honestly, one has to come to the conclusion that Bormann survived the war and the official version of events is wrong. And if that is the case then we have been deceived by many and for a long time. The next question is why. I give my answer in the essay below.

Anyway, jftr, there is much, much more than I presented here about all three faked Nazi deaths discussed below. There are three biographies of Bormann’s life after the war with which I am familiar. The most famous is Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile. It was written by somebody from CBS (named Manning, I think). One must be careful here, this book (and presumably the other two) are a mixture of fact and fiction. When information damaging to the state comes to light, their disinformationists, rather than just trying to refute it, employ what they call the “forest of mirrors” technique, that is their agents write multiple accounts in support of the new information, but which mislead in some important way, and which contradict each other. In this way they create public incredulity and protect the official story and the people and operations it was designed to protect. (Superb example of this would be the story that Hitler became a dentist in Borneo after the war, or that he was teaching anthropology in a “remote university” in Argentina. These are so unlikely that most will rightly dismiss them, but the less intelligent among us might be led by the absurdity of these specific claims to reject out of hand any assertion that Hitler survived the war. Churchill once said that “the truth is so fragile that it needs a bodyguard of lies.” The official version of WW2 and its aftermath is well guarded indeed.)

So I don’t recommend any of those books (such as I understand their contents having only read Exile). But one “Nazi” book which I believe is of great significance is Kurt Reiss’ The Nazis Go Underground. It was written in 1944, and much that it contained that was extremely sensitive, like the secret Bormann/Dulles negotiations, have proven to be true. It doesn’t deal with the staged deaths, as they hadn’t yet occurred, but it explains why they occurred, and much else. ]


This BBC article states as fact that ex-Gestapo head, Heinrich Mueller, dies in 1945 (remember the date) and is buried in a Jewish cemetery.

We are getting a lot of WW2/Nazi confirmationist history these days, I recently wrote about it.

Why? There has been a good deal of revisionist history of late, one might call it a wave, challenging the conventional narratives, some of it very damaging. The official gobbledygook is that a madman arose in Germany, seeking revenge for Germany’s defeat in WW1, for which he blamed Jews, Gypsies, gays, and Leftists of all stripes, and plunged the world into genocidal darkness until the dictator was finally confronted by a coalition of democratic nations, who overcame their otherwise preclusive aversion to war, and defeated the evil genius and saved the world from fascism.

If only it were true! The reality is much darker.

Much too much to go into here, but my knowledge of these matters stems from an unlikely synchronicity. In high school I became interested in the history of anti-Semitism. In later years I began to investigate the political uses thereof, and the history of modern Zionism. I also became interested, of course, in revolution and the various counterrevolutionary strategies the ruling classes, over the years, have employed. To my astonishment, these lines of inquiry converged, and even more astonishingly, they converged in the Third Reich. To this day one will be denounced as an anti-Semite if one suggests that modern Zionists have been actively engaged in fostering anti-Semitism, and faithfully allied with anti-Semitic regimes, including Hitler’s. Yet this can be demonstrated a thousand times over, the evidence is incontrovertible. Nevertheless, you can expect to be called a “wacko, nut-job conspiracy theorist.”

Again, too much here, so let’s just look at Mueller and a couple of his Nazi bosses.

This absurd BBC story states that Mueller died in 1945. No room for doubt here, case closed. Why is this important?

In the last decade or so, we have learned that the skull we have been assured was Hitler’s is not even male, let alone his (die Fuehrerin). That means that we don’t know what happened to Hitler after the war, and these wacko conspiracy theories may have more merit than thought.

[An interesting sidelight to this is that we know from FOIA requests that among the people who never believed the bunker story was J. Edgar Hoover. His memos make it quite plain that he was mad as hell about being kept out of the Hitler loop by the DoS, whom he believed had negotiated the deal. He sent his agents on numerous occasions to S. America to investigate Hitler sightings. He was quite sure a deal had been made and Hitler had survived. (Read Gerard Williams’ book for more information.) ]

This also means that all the folks who claimed to have removed Hitler’s body lied. No surprise here. I imagine it went like this:

US: “Hey Misch, do what we say and we won’t kill you. Hitler’s dead, and you removed the body. Got it?”

Misch: “Ja wohl, mein Kommandant.”

We have also learned that the story of Martin Borman’s death at the end of the war is false. Due to persistent rumors, they exhumed his alleged corpse decades later and his dentist, an SS man and Nazi Party member, confirmed from memory that the dentition was the same. However rumors persisted still and Bormann[?] was again dug up in 1992 or so and DNAed. It was him alright. However the coffin was covered in a kind of clay which does not exist in Germany. Bormann was buried somewhere outside of his homeland, and reburied where he was dug up to render his final service to his fatherland.

Which brings us to Mueller. Gregory Douglas wrote an extremely well documented book in which he reproduces an enormously lengthy CIA interview conducted with Mueller in 1948, three years after he was buried in the Jewish cemetery.

Something is wrong. Either he didn’t die in 1945, or the interview is a hoax. Right? I know we are in dangerous territory for conspirophobes, but we can actually apply logic to such questions, can’t we? Don’t be afraid…

The fact that the book is well documented doesn’t, in and of itself, confirm its assertions, but it does go a long way. The book has been in print for at least two years now, and that would be enough time, one would think, to disprove its contentions. To my knowledge, this has not been done. He reproduces the relevant documents in the book, and the interview goes on for over a hundred pages (much more, if I remember correctly). This too does not rise to the level of proof, but if the author is fabricating this information, he has certainly made it easy for those who know what the truth is to debunk his work.

According to GD, Mueller survived the war, and went to work for the CIA. This is quite plausible. We now know that quite a few high-ranking, ex-Nazi officials went to work for American intelligence after the war. In fact, although it was furiously denied for decades, we now know that Hitler’s entire Foreign Intelligence East unit (I think that’s what it was called), headed by Reinhard Gehlen, was attached en masse to the US Army after the war. One week they were working for Hitler, the next Truman. ( Heil Truman! In fact, when the CIA was formed, most of its membership was foreign born. Many British agents came to the US to help build the agency, and also many Nazis. Together they comprised a majority.) Indeed Gehlen went on to head up W. German intelligence. When that nation joined NATO, Gehlen became either its de facto head or eminence grise, depending upon whom you read.

Gehlen’s outfit was responsible for intelligence on the Eastern Front, that is intelligence on the Soviet Union. This made his unit a valuable asset for American intelligence. It was a hotbed of espionage.

And counterespionage. The Nazi agency which dealt with counterintelligence was the Gestapo (an abbreviation for Homeland Security). It was Mueller who would be overseeing Gehlen’s outfit and all the others for possible moles etc.

This would make Mueller a valuable asset too. There is no doubt that the CIA would love to have him on board. This too doesn’t prove GD’s assertions, but they pass the credibility test easily. If there was a free agent market for ex-Nazis as there is for ballplayers, Mueller would probably be offered the lrgest contract. He’d be the A-Rod of the intelligence market.

So what’s the big deal? We know that many a Nazi worked for us, it’s old news, so why all the fuss about this one.

GD also claims that he knew Mueller, and that the latter gave the author his journal before he died. In the alleged interview with the CIA and the alleged journal, Mueller says some explosive things.

There are quite a few, but let’s just look at two:

1) He’s a Holocaust denier. He says that all those photos of allegedly gassed people are typhoid victims (confirmed, incidentally, by the reports of US Army doctor, Charles Larson). He states flatly that the camps were built for communists:

“I have no idea where they get such shit but I imagine the American press makes it up for political reasons. The camps were never designed for Jews and we did not gas millions of them or make soap out of their remains. The camps were mostly for professional criminals and Communists. About 75% of all camp inmates at any one given time were political prisoners and the rest divided up between criminals, spies and Jews. The worst error Himmler ever made was to put Russian prisoners into the camps because this brought typhus that killed off thousands of prisoners. The pictures often shown here of stacks of emaciated corpses are not pictures of dead Jews but pictures of typhus victims. And gas chambers at Dachau with sixty thousand gassed Jews there! I have visited Dachau on several occasions and no one was ever gassed there. Pictures of ovens with titles that “in these ovens, tens of thousands of murdered Jews were cremated” is more nonsense. All prisoners who died in jail were cremated and their ashes sent home. And especially with the typhus epidemics raging everywhere. Well, I can say nothing about it so on to other matters.”

He has every reason to lie about this, of course, as he is implicated. However, if the interview did take place, and if it took place in ’48, then he has nothing to fear at this point.

And if GD did make this up, one would have to wonder as to his motives. The sensationalism argument does not work here as the inclusion of this passage meant that the book wasn’t going to get reviewed in the mainstream media, purchased by institutions etc. It hurt sales, it didn’t help them. If he were just trying to cash in, he certainly went about it in the wrong way.

So now we have to assess whether the interview ever took place, whether he actually said these things even if it did, and if he did say them whether he believed them to be true.  Even if the answer to all these questions is yes, it doesn’t mean he is right. It could well be that genocide was going on and there was no reason for him to know so he wasn’t told (although this is quite unlikely).

And that doesn’t mean that the book isn’t a psy-op of some other kind.

2) Mueller states that a colleague of his, while visiting the US for a scientific conference of some kind in the 1920s, was told by an American science that the Spanish Flu was man-made. That it was part of the US’ WW1 chemical weapons program at Fort Riley, and that it escaped accidentally.

I have long suspected this, just not sure about the “accidentally” part.. We know the US and all the other imperial powers were (and are) developing biological weapons, it’s no longer disputed.

A long time ago I was struck by the distribution of fatalities from this virus, and the timing. This flu strikes right at the end of WW1, when socialist revolutions are sweeping Europe and the world. And it produced the greatest number of deaths in those countries where the revolutions had made the most progress. Moreover, The US Army sent soldiers who had not yet recovered from the disease directly to the European theater, and it spread from there.

It came as no surprise recently when I read in Adolfo Gilly’s The Mexican Revolution that the flu killed more people in Morelos, the epicenter of revolutionary activity, than in any other state in the country, many more.

Mueller states that the virus is man-made, and there is evidence to support this conjecture. It developed and spread in summer, which is unusual, and it is of a “double-blow” type, also uncommon. The double blow refers to the fact that the virus first impairs the immune system, thus allowing the second infection to ravage the body unchecked. The result is that this virus targets people aged 20-40ish, which makes it advantageous as a weapon of military clashes and class war.

This may not rise to the level of certainty, however anybody with any integrity and two brain cells to rub together has to admit that the facts fit the theory that the flu was a biological weapon perfectly. Again, that’s not confirmation, but one has to be stupid to dismiss the idea out of hand. It is those who would reject these assertions because they don’t believe their governments are capable of such abominations, and not the conspiracy theorists, who are living in a fantasy world. Worse things than using biological weapons or concocting and/or exaggerating the war crimes of defeated foes happens on this planet every day, much worse.

One factor which makes me take GD seriously is the reaction to his work. The book is banned in Germany. Why? If they could refute his allegations, they would, and publicly. What does suppressing it suggest?

How to make up one’s mind? GD’s documents could be subjected to scientific scrutiny. Ink and paper can be dated. There are other lines of inquiry which could be pursued as well. Certainly if they exhume Mueller’s body, it would be easy to ascertain in what year he died.

And of course they could dig him up if they wanted to.

Which brings us back to the Bourgeois Broadcasting Corporation’s hideous report. It’s a fine piece of propaganda. What does it say?:

The Bild newspaper says it has seen documents confirming his death.

That’s it? That paper “says” it has seen documents? Is that enough for the “Beeb”? No pretense to journalism here, somebody says so, so it must be true.

And where has this confirmation been since the publication of GD’s book? The BBC isn’t saying…

Then there’s a lot of hand-wringing about how offensive it is that this horrible anti-Semite is buried in a Jewish cemetery.


It quotes Prof Johannes Tuchel, an historian, who says he has discovered archive evidence showing that Mueller died at the end of the war.

Which archive? What kind of evidence? The Beeb isn’t saying…


“Mueller never survived the war. His body was buried in 1945 in a mass grave in the Jewish cemetery,” he said.

Correspondents say any efforts to find the body of Heinrich Mueller would be very difficult since the exact location of the grave is unknown.

I see, they know that Mueller is there from the archived evidence, but they don’t know where he is (even though they know which cemetery he’s buried in and that it is a mass grave! How many mass graves are there in this Jewish cemetery?), yet, nevertheless, they know he is there without a trace of corroborating forensic evidence!


There has always been an air of mystery surrounding the fate of Heinrich Mueller…In 1949 Germany’s intelligence agency (BND) reported seeing Mueller in Czechoslovakia. But there seems to be no evidence that he was pursued.

A sighting not by some deranged schizophrenic, but by the West German security service no less. This is the agency run by people who knew Mueller personally, this is only four years after the war. This is the best kind of sighting one can have, if anybody could identify Mueller, they could.

What does it suggest that he was not pursued (assuming any of this is correct)?


Prof Tuchel, who is also the head of the German Resistance Memorial in Berlin, said that that sighting was incorrect. He said documents unearthed indicate that Mueller was first buried near an airport in Berlin in the last days of the war.

What documents? Unearthed where? By whom? How does Tuchel know this? What kind of journalism is this!

Next paragraph:

He said that “a body in a general’s uniform with Mueller’s identification documents” was then disinterred and reburied in one of three mass graves in the Jewish cemetery and certified by a local registrar of deaths in 1945.

Stunning!Again, assuming any of this is real, if a body with real or bogus documents suggesting that it was Mueller was found, then every effort would have been made to determine if it were him, and if it were then no mystery would surround Mueller. If it was determined that it was not him, then we would know that a psy-op was undertaken to fake his death, which would lend a good deal of credence to the idea that he survived the war. The idea that this body was reburied without an effort to determine who it was either proves that this story is apocryphal, or it means it wasn’t Mueller.

I guess the possibility that somebody could have placed the ID on another person is inconceivable to the Beeb.

Who disinterred him? Was this done because somebody suspected they would find Mueller there? And if so why? Why the reburial? Why in a mass grave? With Jews? In a Jewish cemetery?

What nonsense this is, and what dreadful reportage. The basic rules of journalism are being flouted.

Eureka! We have a death certificate! Which presumably states that the decedent is Mueller. (Although the article doesn’t actually say that, does it?) That puts the matter to rest, does it not? All we need do is have a look at the certificate and check it for authenticity and that will settle it right? The Beeb is no doubt calling for the certificate to be made public so that it can be subjected to scientific scrutiny, right? And for the body to be exhumed, right?


Next and last paragraph:

Later theories suggested Mueller was buried in the Neukoelln district of Berlin. And in 1963 a gravedigger, Walter Lueders, told police that he had buried Mueller personally, according to the German online website, The Local.

So if ol’ Walt said this to the police 50 years ago why have we not heard about it before? I guess it was just unearthed in documents also, but the article doesn’t say that either.

What this article doesn’t mention is that the Lueders theory was considered before but couldn’t be confirmed. According to the CIA:

The final story came from Walter Lueders, a former member of the German Volkssturm (civilian fighters) who maintained that he had headed a burial detail in the summer of 1945. Of the hundreds of bodies buried by the detail, only one, said Lueders, wore an SS-General’s uniform, and it was found in the garden of the Reich Chancellery with a large wound in the back. Though the body had no medals or decorations, Lueders recalled with certainty that the identity papers were those of Gestapo Mueller. It was moved to the old Jewish Cemetery on Grosse Hamburgerstasse in the Soviet Sector, where it was placed in one of three mass graves. In fact, in 1955 the German Armed Forces Information Office (Wehrmachtsauskunftsstelle – WASt) inquired with district authorities in East Berlin and received confirmation that Gestapo Mueller was buried at the Grosse-Hamburgerstrasse cemetery in 1945. Since the grave was a mass grave, however, there was no actual plot… Lueders’s story could not be checked since Grosse Hamburgerstrasse was on the other side of the two-year old Berlin Wall. Adding to the confusion was the mystery of Mueller’s effects. WASt, according to its own records, returned to Mueller’s family in 1958 not only the Gestapo Chief’s papers, some of which Lueders claimed to have found on the body, but also Mueller’s decorations, which neither Leopold not Lueders claimed to have found. These items were never checked for authenticity.

We must remember that the revisionist theory is that Muller went to work for the CIA, whose report is quoted above. They have been in hot denial about this from the beginning, so this report must be approached with caution. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at it.

I don’t know much about the “civilian fighters,” but they sure sound like loyalists to me. Who is Walter Lueders?

Why would they move the body to the Soviet sector (if it was Mueller or a double)? Could it be that it would put the corpse out of reach so that the story couldn’t be refuted? If not that, then why? I’m sure the Soviets, ever wary as they were, would want to know who these dead bodies were. If it was your intent to claim that Mueller was dead when he wasn’t, this would be a pretty good place to put the corpse you claim is his. How odd the Soviets didn’y make propaganda use of it. Not like ol’ Joe, is it? Picture a grinning Stalin standing next to Mueller’s coffin peering triumphantly into it while the Red Army band plays the Internationale…makes for a great newsreel.

The E. Germans stated that it was Mueller’s corpse, but since it was a mass grave there was no way to confirm it. Well then how do they know? AND OF COURSE THERE IS A WAY TO CONFIRM IT–DIG HIM UP.

Which items couldn’t be checked for authenticity, the decorations or the ID papers? Or both? And of course either can be authenticated, particularly his papers, if these do in fact exist.

And there’s no mention in the BBC article of the theory, which has been around a lot longer than GD’s book, that Mueller was recruited by the CIA.

The article as written is ridiculous enough, but it gets worse. There’s quite a bit of important information which it omits.

In 1963, a prosecutor from the “West German Ludwigsburg Center that dealt with ex-Nazis sought for prosecution… had information that Müller was not dead and was, in fact, gainfully employed by a foreign government. One of the first steps in proving this was to ascertain whether the corpse in the grave was that of Heinrich Müller who had been issued a death certificate from the Death Bureau of Berlin-Center numbered 11 706/45. ..A subsequent pathological examination proved that there were the remains of three different men in the grave, none of whom were Heinrich Müller.”

[The CIA confirms this.]

So we know either that the death certificate was a psy-op, or that some person(s) removed Mueller’s body and put other people’s bones in its place. And would such a person think that if the body were exhumed that no forensic tests would be made of them? Or is it more likely that Mueller was never in the grave and the fake bones were placed in the coffin so as to give it the proper weight?

But wait, there’s more.

“In May of 1945, Heinrich Müller was last seen in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Shortly after the city fell to the Russians, the body of a senior SS officer, his wife and three children at the Air Ministry complex. The body was identified as SS General Heinrich Müller of the Main Security Office, the RSHA. This, however was not the head of the Gestapo. He was Dr. Heinrich Müller of the RSHA legal department. Gestapo- Müller was born April 28, 1900, and his SS number was 107 043 while the Müller found in Berlin was born June 7, 1896 and his SS number was 290 396 (Source: ‘Dienstalteresliste der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP, Berlin 1944, pps 11-12)”

Mueller the Gestapo chief had been in that position for a decade. He was one of the most recognizable people in the Third Reich. The idea that anyone, even another Heinrich Mueller, could be misidentified as the Gestapo head is risible. That in fact this Mueller was suggests, does it not, that somebody was trying to pass him off as his more famous namesake.

But there’s more still.

In 1946, U.S. CIC reported that Gestapo-Müller had escaped to Switzerland using the name Schwartzer. (Source: U.S. Army Intelligence file on Heinrich Müller XE 23 55 39 WJ p. 126)

[1946 is before he was theoretically recruited. CIC is counterintelligence.]

In 1948, the CIA had taken over the intelligence organization being formed by the former Wehrmacht General, Reinhard Gehlen who worked prior to this for the U.S. Army. The organization was led by Lt. Colonel James Critchfield and was stationed at Pullach, south east of Munich.

At this time, Colonel Critchfield’s top recruiter was one Willi Krichbaum, then resident at Bad Reichenhall. Although Critchfield denied it later, Krichbaum was a Senior Colonel (Oberführer) in the Gestapo and Müller’s former deputy. He was born May 7, 1896 and his SS number was 107 039. During the war, Krichbaum was commander of the Geheime Feld Polizei of the Wehrmacht. (Source: Dienstalteresliste der Schutzstaffel der NSDAP, Berlin 1944, p. 29)

Müller, had been working for Swiss intelligence under Paul Masson as an expert on Communist infiltration, was put in contact with Colonel Critchfield by Krichbaum and in August of 1948, interviewed at his home in Geneva, Switzerland by James Speyer Kronthal, the CIA’s station chief in Bern, Switzerland.

As the result of inquiries into the postwar survival of Heinrich Müller and his employment, in the United States, by the CIA and the U.S. Army, the German government’s main legal center wrote, in a report dated January 31, 2000, that although Müller was reported to have died in Berlin in 1945, their report (110 AR 1619/97, stated that Müller had escaped to Switzerland and had gone to work for the American CIA and was settled, under a false name, in Washington, was a member of the U.S. Army and died in 1973. (Source: Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltugen Report no. 110 AR 346/.2000)

Because the hiring of Heinrich Müller was considered to be a potential serious public relations disaster, some effort has been made to strongly distance the CIA from this employment by claiming that Müller may have survived the war but never was employed by the United States government in any capacity. Photographs of Müller in the uniform of the U.S. Army’s General Staff, taken by the U.S. Army Signal Corps, show him at a White House conference in 1949.

So here we have the US and German governments’ espionage and main legal centers (respectively) asserting that Mueller survived the war. The sources (like GD’s) are quite specific. All that needs to be done is to check to see if they say what the author claims.

This BBC article is just disgusting propaganda! Are they trying to inform their readers about the topic? Or disinform them?

And it’s reporting like this which makes me wonder if GD isn’t telling the truth.

If GD’s book is a hoax, it is quite an elaborate one. It means that he made up the story about knowing Mueller, and fabricated a journal and an extremely long CIA interview. This is indeed high-risk fraud. The more a charlatan says, the more likely he is to make a mistake. If Mueller’s body is ever found (and obviously it isn’t in this Jewish cemetery), it can be established when he died and if it was before 1948 then Douglas would be exposed. That’s quite a risk to take. If one is just gong to fabricate a story like this to sell books, one doesn’t need to take such risks. One could say they found his diary with the final entry being a date when he was known to be alive. And one certainly doesn’t have to involve the CIA (although that the rumor that Mueller was working for them does make the deception more plausible, if deception it be). Moreover, GD identifies Mueller’s alleged Agency interrogator. This is very dangerous as the Agency might be able to prove that said man was actually somewhere else when the interview took place. The nature of the assertions, the ample documentation, its plausibility, its sheer length, the desperation with which the bourgeois press is trying to disprove GD’s allegations, the fact that the CIA went public trying to debunk GD’s book, and the absence of persuasive rebuttal all lead me to guess that Mueller did work for the CIA, and that the interview did take place.
What about Mueller’s claims?

That the fascists made war on the Left is beyond dispute. Those camps were built for communists, trade union leaders  and the like. The Jews, Gypsies etc. come later, much later. It is quite possible that Mueller believed what he said, but is it true? The bit about those famous photos of emaciated bodies being typhoid victims is true. American Army documents confirm it, and those bodies show no signs of gas poisoning.

Does that mean that nobody was gassed? No. But until forensic evidence surfaces that somebody actually was gassed, not just the eyewitness testimony of interested parties, who can lie as effectively as our friends Tuchel and Misch, then we must view this aspect of the Holocaust story, like the shrunken heads, Jewish lampshades,  and Jewish soap etc.,  with skepticism. These alleged gas chambers were tested for the by-products of hydrogen cyanide (the poison in Zyklon B) and the results were negative.

Does that mean that nobody was systematically murdered in these camps, either directly or by being worked to death? Certainly not. Take France for example, about 90,000 Jews were killed according to Lucy Dawidowicz. Some 17,000 less were deported to Hitler’s camps. I have no doubt that it was the intention that they should never return. The question is why those Jews? They comprise about 25 percent of the Jewish population of France, why them?

So why were some Jews targeted for destruction, and others not?

This brings me to the second issue: Mueller says that he heard that the Spanish Flu was a U.S. weapon. It must be remembered that he is being interrogated by Americans. Certainly they know better than he whether the flu was a weapon, and whether it was American. He could hardly believe he could fool them, and what would be the motive?

Granted that it is far from indisputable that the flu was a weapon, nevertheless I believe that it was, and the following argument proceeds on that basis.

Was it employed to help in the war effort, or to staunch the spread of revolution? Or both? The Doughboys were sent to France, but the greatest number and percentage of fatalities in Europe was in Germany, Spain and Italy, where workers had risen and had seized control of a great many factories, farms, railways etc.; where the social revolution had made the most progress. The same distribution holds for Asia and South America–where capital was strongest, the flu was weakest, and vice versa. This suggests that the flu was directed to those places where it could do its creator the most good. Some spots don’t fit this pattern, but it is impossible to control a virus completely once you have set it loose.

The reason most people will dismiss these revisionist interpretations is that it runs counter to everything they have been taught, and by people they trusted: parents, teachers,  journalists,  historians et alia. The deception at the heart of that incredulity is that the so-called democracies (i.e. bourgeois republics) were at war with the fascist states. When the latter were defeated, they were demonized raucously, and exhaustively. And, nominally, it is true they were enemies. But in reality the Western powers sat on the sidelines while the fascists took their best shot at crushing the USSR. And it wasn’t until Stalingrad, when it became clear that the fascists would lose in the east, that the Allies committed ground troops to Europe in a desperate bid to get to Berlin before the Soviets. The truth of the matter, the truth that most people do not understand, is that fascist states and bourgeois republics are two forms of the same thing: capitalist regimes. One is the monster’s left profile, the other its right. At the highest levels of both the “democratic” and the fascist states one finds the same people. While the working classes of these countries were slugging it out on the battle field, their respective overlords were collaborating. The Rockefellers, for instance, were selling oil to both sides. The Rothschilds too were furnishing financial and other services to both. Similarly the Dulles and Bush families (among many others) were not only partners in the Nazi commercial cartels, but were providing intelligence to Third Reich as well. These families committed treason, and Prescott Bush was even arrested for trading with the enemy. Were they brought to justice after the war? Hardly! They returned to become high-ranking officials in government with the Dulles brothers directing Cold War foreign policy and running the clandestine intelligence and espionage services. Prescott’s son and grandson became presidents. How could this happen? Because they hadn’t committed treason, not by their standards. The state represents the interests of the ruling class, the latter is master, the former mere servant. And Dulles didn’t betray his class, just his country. The only people who suffered as a result of his treachery were the working class youths fighting fascism from the trenches.

And the ruling class has never cared about them, and they never will.

If any of this is a surprise to you then you still don’t get it. WW2 wasn’t about anti-Semitism or homophobia or the pursuit of some mystical Aryan Holy Grail–that’s all perception management, distraction, spectacle, a diversionary ploy to occupy the public’s attention while the fascist states, with the aid of their class allies in the bourgeois republics, aggressively pursue their mutual objective: defeating the then real threat posed by the insurgent working class. It is not at all incongruous that the Dulles brothers would assist in the faking of the deaths of Hitler, Bormann, Mueller et alia as they were on the same side from the beginning.

This is no doubt startling to some of you, but in that case you are confronted by a dilemma. There are two interpretations, the conventional one: Hitler the genocidal, anti-Semitic, racist mystic; and mine: Hitler as front man for international capital whose aims were to stem the tide of socialism and make the world safe for capitalism. The facts, and not incredulity or misplaced trust, should guide us.

Can anyone have any confidence that Mueller, Bormann, or Hitler died in 1945? Why have we been deceived?

The point of all this is that after WW2, the victors concocted a version of events favorable to them, and in keeping with their post-war goals. Fact and fiction were mixed in service of their class interests. What I have written here is speculation, but speculate we must. The ruling class doesn’t want us to know the truth–that is what they fear. If we are ever to arrive at the truth, we must always be wary of what state and capital tell us, and try to make sense of things on our own. Because as working people we have no friends but ourselves. Hitler’s female skull, Bormann’s  peripatetic corpse, Mueller’s kosher funeral, the Spanish “double-blow” Flu, Jewish soap, and, alas, the BBC, are all the proof we need of that.

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