Dieudonné In The Crosshairs Again–French Minister Of The Interior Wants To Ban Him.

Depending on whom you read, Dieudonne either popularized or created an arm gesture which either is a “Nazi salute in reverse” or a non-sectarian,  anti-establishent “signal.” A few famous athletes are now using the gesture and it has caused an uproar in France among the chattering classes.

It seems Dieudonne is enjoying the ruckus, and may even be profiting from it. Whether a deliberate provocation or not, it has brought him and the issues associated with him back into focus.

My French is not so extensive, and I am unfamiliar with most of the work he has done, but none of what I have read is racist or anti-Semitic.

Below are a few links. The first is the news story concerning The Minister of the Interior. The second is about a Soccer player who used the gesture after scoring a goal. It has a video of the incident. The third is a link to a couple of videos of Dieudonne in performance, brilliant as always, and, I believe, indicative of why he is so unpopular with the authorities. It contains a link to something I wrote about him several years ago.

Everything is in English and the videos have subtitles. Don’t miss them.




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