Psy-ops And The Wall Of Mirrors, The Latest Wrinkle In l’Affaire Snowden

Frank Zappa:

“Government is the entertainment wing of the military-industrial complex.”

Hold on to your hats, here we go, let’s play a little Snowball.

As my last Snowball post indicated, Snowden’s mission is pretty well accomplished and his handlers are now rehabilitating him. As this latest piece reveals, national government-linked media are now entreating the White house to make some kind of deal with Snowden to admit of his return. The prez will overcome his reluctance when the time comes, after much anguished soul-searching of course, and heed the people’s call for a reconciliation with their champion. It’ll be a great photo-op, the prez and the people’s tribune embracing warmly, and all will be well again in Our Country. And Snowden will assume the mantle of Daniel Ellsbury.

But wait, now floats a turd in Our Punchbowl!

Chang writes:

Perhaps Snowden is what the Times portrays him to be, a hero of sorts, yet the editors of the paper rushed to judgment. In their editorial they did not even raise the possibility that he passed along vital national security secrets to China. It is likely he did so.”

“Of sorts”? “Is likely” to have passed on vital secrets? Likely?

Please note however, that while Chang is applying the lash to Agent Snowden’s backside, he does allow that his striped victim is “perhaps…a hero.” At least of sorts.

He goes on to document some of Snowden’s malheurs, and then he drops the bomb:

“…Snowden, according to one of my sources in Hong Kong, had at least one “high-level contact” with Chinese officials there. Those officials suggested he give an interview to the South China Morning Post, the most prominent English-language newspaper in Hong Kong. This is significant because, as the Post noted, Snowden turned over to the paper documents that contained detailed technical information on the NSA’s methods. Included in these documents were Hong Kong and Chinese IP addresses that the NSA was surveilling. The disclosure of those addresses was not whistle-blowing; that was aiding China.”

According to his unnamed sources (okay, they never name their sources) in Hong Kong, he met with high-ranking Chinese officials there. A good place to meet Chinese officials one would suspect, Hong Kong. These officials then suggested he meet with a newspaper.

Okay, this is the first (of many) side-splitters in this Moliere-esque farce. High-ranking apparatchiks directed their mole to a newspaper so that it could report to the world what information their defector was revealing. Now that’s funny!

What did our intrepid motor-mouth reveal? Detailed technical information about NSA methods, and which Chinese servers were being monitored in Washington.

As I wondered in a prior post, how would somebody like Snowman ever get such information? He’s an IT guy for heavens sake, and I have hemorrhoids older than he. The idea that some guy gets an IT certification and his first job out of school he gets access to the empire’s most important secrets is a joke! An absolute joke.

Can anyone in their right mind believe that the Chinese cannot figure out what Washington wants to know about them? There is an element of racism (perhaps the reason the author of this piece of propaganda is himself Chinese) in this in that in order to believe this horseshit one must allow that the Chinese are too stupid to know which of their communications networks might be targeted.

The punch line:

The Post, my source told me, had sent two reporters to interview Snowden. The paper did not give a byline to one of them, a Chinese national serving as the deputy to Editor Wang Xiangwei, who openly sits on a Communist Party organ in the Mainland. That reporter is suspected to have then supplied Snowden’s documents to Chinese agents. Beijing, it appears, was able to cover its tracks while obtaining information from the so-called whistle-blower.

This made me laugh so hard that tears welled up in my eyes.

The paper did not give a byline to a Chinese national who is a deputy to Editor Wang Xiangwei who openly sits on a Communist Party organ. (Excuse me while I try to catch my breath.)

Well I don’t see what sodomy has to do with it! It’s not clear whether it’s the national or the editor who sits athwart the aforementioned Maoist organ, and in either case I don’t know what this has to do with Snowden. It also isn’t clear whether the national or the editor is male or female. Is Chang’s rectal fixation homophobic in nature, or is it anal copulation itself? Or is that the union was attained “openly”? I imagine its quite difficult, whatever the political orientation of the organ, to breach the aperture in question without it being somewhat, if discreetly, agape.

Or is Chang’s objection confined to the offending organ’s communist proclivity? And male or female what difference does it make as long as the engorgee were injected with the spirit of proletarian solidarity. The Chairman himself pierced many a hind end, boy and girl alike, with comradely vigor. These conjunctures were sometimes interrupted, when needed, for his daily enema, only to resume immediately when the voided leader was back on his feet. They don’t make communist organs like that anymore.

Or are Chang’s concerns due to the fact that these clandestine assignations occurred on the Mainland…?

In all seriousness (gimme a minute…).

In all seriousness, this unidentified, unbylined reporter is the one who gave the documents to the Chinese government. So, according to Chang, high-ranking Chinese officials refused to take the documents themselves, but sent Agent Snowden to the newspaper so that he could hand it over to them so that they could hand it over to the officials who didn’t want them in the first place (and thus creating an enormous security breach assuming said unbylined reporter was not one of their agents, which is what Chang wants us to believe). Please refer to the quote at the top of the page.

“Beijing was able to cover its tracks…” Apparently not! We know about it because of Chang’s “source,” so then Beijing was unable to cover its tracks. In fact, if anything like what is claimed by Chang has ever occurred, it would be the worst mistake ever committed in the history of espionage.

But of course it didn’t. There is not a word of truth in any of this.

Cold War redux: What Communist Party! Why is Chang recycling the old bogeyman of communism? China is a capitalist state. The Party hasn’t really been communist for since Deng took over after the Chairman’s final enema. It doesn’t matter how many times you re-read Red Star over China, or On Contradiction, or The Shanghai Textbook, it’s over, long over. It no longer matters “whether it is a white cat or a black so long as it catches mice.” And the Beijing Bourgeoisie are out to catch as many mice as they can. China is a capitalist rival, and not a communist threat, to the US.

“The Chinese already have everything Snowden had,” said an unnamed official to the Washington Free Beacon days after the leaker had left Hong Kong for Moscow.”

Beijing covered its tracks?

Moreover, evidence suggests that Beijing orchestrated Snowden’s flight from Hong Kong. Albert Ho, one of Snowden’s lawyers, believes Chinese authorities contacted him through an intermediary to pass a message that it was time for Snowden to leave the city.”

From Snowden’s lawyer no less! “Believes”?

We can only speculate as to the motives of the Chinese to frustrate Washington’s attempts to apprehend Snowden, but they did their best to make sure that American officials did not get the opportunity to interrogate Snowden. The last thing they wanted was for the U.S. to learn the extent of their penetration of the NSA and the FBI in Hawaii.”

Is that the royal “We”? Or does he just mean the Agency?

They want him to leave but they don’t want the US to apprehend him? Apparently the Chinese believe they can protect him better outside their borders. Please refer again to the quote at the top of the page.

Can’t figure out the motive?

And now for the caught-red-handed-moment: The Chinese don’t want the US to learn from Snowden the extent of their (China’s, presumably) penetration of the NSA and FBI. And exactly how did Snowden come across this information? (This is one helluva IT guy.) The story thus far is that Snowden is leaking the NSA’s information. Anything that Snowden has, the NSA has, as it is the source. If Snowden has information that the NSA does not have, where did he get it? Did the Chinese…er…I mean…The South China Post reveal these highly protected secrets to Snowden? The Chinese government? Did they just inadvertently spill these beans while interviewing Snowden?

There is no chance this is true. Snowden doesn’t have such information; the Chinese are not worried about it; and this penetration never happened. One would have to be as dumb as a doorknob to believe any of this. This utterly, utterly preposterous.

Some in the American intelligence community suspect Snowden was really a “drop box,” receiving information from NSA personnel working for China. In other words, he was used as a courier.

“In any event, the Daily Beast’s Eli Lake reported in late June that the FBI was investigating whether Snowden obtained documents “from a leak inside the secret FISA court.” Similarly, Mike Rogers has suggested Snowden probably had an accomplice in the NSA giving him information.”

“Suspect.” Investigate whether.” “Suggested.”

Snowden “probably” has an accomplice. Another IT nerd?

Beijing may also have encouraged Snowden to leave Hawaii. One of my sources indicates that Chinese intelligence, either directly or through FBI personnel working for China, tipped Snowden off that NSA investigators were closing in on him.”

“May also have.”

“One of his sources.” He’s grown a source.

Snowden tipped off by a Chinese mole in the Bureau? His daily movements have been micro-documented by every major media outlet in the world. Everybody has known where he has been throughout this entire psy-op. Anybody who wanted to could get to him. He’s being protected by the same US security folks who gave him this mission, not that he needs it.

Now we come to the main purpose, in my view, of this particular piece of disinformation. If the NSA believed there was a Chinese mole in the Bureau or elsewhere in the security apparat, you can be sure we would not be hearing about it before the agent was uncovered, and quite possibly not even then. The American public may be gullible enough to fall for this psy-op, but there is no way the Chinese ruling class would. My guess is that Beijing and Moscow were a party to this project from the beginning, and all three benefit in one way or another. For the US Snowden legitimates the need for the increased surveillance and security it has been developing since 9/11. Snowden did quite the same for Putin. Additionally, it was good for his PR to be seen as defying the US as it is identified by Putin as Russia’s enemy. This is all for show as Tsar Vladimir has always been willing to take a ride on Uncle Sam’s organ, if the money is right. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria et al.)  I do not understand what China’s advantage is here, and probably never will, but this strange revelation of a Chinese mole in the FBI is likely a part of it, helping them domestically somehow.

At the highest levels Russian, American, and Chinese capital cooperate, and in many are are one and the same. A good many of the people on Yukos’ (Russia’s oil giant) board worked for George W Bush’ Harken Energy. A who’s who of Western capital are stakeholders in China’s foreign investment bank. As somebody once said, “capital has no country.”

If Snowden were a threat to any of that capital flow, he’d be dead by now.

The ID tag under the article describes Chang this way:

Gordon G. Chang is the author of The Coming Collapse of ChinaHe has given briefings at the US National Intelligence Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US State Department, and the Pentagon.

The NIC, CIA, the DoS and the Pentagon, what a surprise.

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