Snowden Psy-op Update, The Denouement: Newspapers Push for Snowden Pardon

And he will get something like it too. That was the plan from the beginning.

When the New York Times and the Washington Post, the two largest loyalist newspapers and the voice of the state security apparat, are pining for his pardon you can be sure that it has been already decided at the highest levels of that apparat. The Times and Post only write what their told.

i hope you will forgive me for pointing this out but those who have followed my posts on this subject will note that I predicted this from the very beginning. And I was right. Which, with luck, should provoke the nay-sayers to reconsider their position.

As i said before, anything that gets this much coverage in the bourgeois press is a psy-op, even if much of what’s being said is true. If Snowden was who he claimed to be, you and I would not know his name.

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