Two Articles On Race By South Africans

These are two of my favorite essayists. Duncan, not unlike myself, has come under attack for identifying a new form of racism which has slithered into the Left undetected. Worse still, it is often labelled “antiracism.” As I have said many times, one cannot defeat racism by adopting its central theses. As she describes in her article, a new Left party in SA is supporting affirmative action for the Coloured working class ( indigenous African blood mixed with any other) but opposing it for E. Indian laborers. (It goes without saying that they oppose anything for the White working class.) Duncan rightfully notes that not only is this divisive, it finds its origins in the racist ideas propagated by White colonialism. Real antiracism, as I insist and Duncan implies, requires the absolute abandonment of all racial distinction. By this I do not mean “color-blindness,” which is a marketing slogan employed by those who wish to avert racial equality and perpetuate the vertical bifurcation an attendant hostility within the working class. (Michelle Alexander’s superb “The New Jim Crow” brilliantly deconstructs the old disease’s new disguise.) Quite the contrary! As Duncan points out, real emancipation for the Black working class is inextricably tied to the emancipation of the class as a whole. The growth of the Black bourgeoisie in SA has not, and will never, improve the lives of the great mass of Black laborers. The latter need to understand that racial initiatives, even those putatively designed for their advantage, will not advance their cause but retard it. The real solution, the only solution, is proletarian revolution. And that will not be possible without interracial and international working class solidarity.

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