Kshama Sawant: Building a broader movement: A statement from Facts For Working People John Throne Richard Mellor Mike Benca

While I agree with their analysis completely, their solution is the same old tired Trotskyana we’ve been getting since their false god got his skull cleaved.  The authors go on about freedom within the party, while bemoaning that the CWI, a graven image of the Prophet himself, is acting in an antithetical way.

Gee, what does that suggest?

Trotsky was executed on the orders of man who had been his comrade; was Lenin’s successor with the support of a majority of the Bolshevik Party (Trotsky’s party); who was instituting policies once trumpeted by the Martyr himself, and was doing so with the  powers granted to the party head by the Trotsky-supported reforms adopted at the Tenth Party Congress. (The one just after Kronstadt, in which Trotsky played a hideously reactionary role.) Yet somehow his besotted followers still see him as a democratic figure.

He was anything but. Trotsky got Trotskied. Stalin did to him what Trotsky had done to Mirinov, Maskalov, ad infinitum.

It must be nice to have a halo put over your head after you have been victimized in much the same you abused others. I guess a hatchet in the head will do that for you.

He doesn’t deserve it–the halo I mean, not the hatchet.


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