Four Outa Five Ain’t Bad: Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014

Crediting Marx with the first is a real joke.  The boom-and-bust cycles of capitalism were observations for him, not predictions. They were going on long before his ideas crystalized.

Moreover, his contribution to this topic was the prediction that capitalism couldn’t support itself indefinitely, and that its collapse was inexorable and imminent. This blunder led many of his followers into reformism in the belief that they needn’t do anything to defeat capitalism as its self destruction was guaranteed. A terrible mistake, with awful consequences.

Marx thought capitalism was in its death throes, and Engls gloated that the next implosion would probably be the last, perhaps history’s only self-denying prophecy.

The plutos bring the economy down intentionally nowadays, as they did in 2008. The central banks round the world keep track of savings rates and other economic indicators and when too much capital sinks into the working class, as it sometimes does, they plunge the economy into recession. The more money the working class has the more powerful it is, and the more able it is to resist. These collapses redistribute wealth up the food chain and are an integral part of the class war.

They can do this because they control currency and credit, their supply and value. Money comes into existence as debt owed to those plutos who own the banks. So when the economy recovers, and Humpty Dumpty is put back together again with credit issued by the plutos, a larger percentage of money gets cycled through their banks than had been before the crash. The top layer of capital do not suffer from these depressions, they benefit. And this cycle can repeat indefinitely, and will.

Marx was dead wrong: Capitalism will not fall, it must be felled.

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