Postmodern origins of intersectionality

Great summary and critique.

I tried to post a comment, but was strangely unable. Here it is:

Well encapsulated, Ross. While I don’t share yr contempt for Eurocommunism, nor yr belief that ‘anti-racist and anti-sexist concerns cannot be considered “secondary” to the “primary” struggle against capitalism,’ I do think yr precis and analysis are a valuable, much-needed contribution to the discourse on this critically important subject. The Left has become a moribund, Po’-Mo’, race/gender fetishist cult, and we are asphyxiating in our own fumes. We are the Left the Right want us to be.

The only thing I would add is that it is no accident that the Left has descended into identity politics and all the other divisive nonsense. The deradicalization and all the endless splintering is being carefully managed by the state. It is a form, an important strategy, in the class war directed against us from on high. This is not to say that Crenshaw and the like are insincere or are working for the Bureau. Not at all! But if she didn’t exist the Bureau would create her. Ideas and practices, like identity politics, which are inimical to the social revolution proliferate and circulate freely, the state will see to that. That which threatens capital is suppressed.

Anyway, the last paragraph was brilliant.

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