We Demand An Investigation: NSA And GCHQ Spying On WikiLeaks, By Julian Assange

You know sometimes I think the state runs these psy-ops just to dumb us down as best they can, and to gauge just how well they are doing just that.

The primary deception here is that the US and Agent Assange are antagonists. A clear and objective look at what Wikispooks has released (and when and how) speaks more of collusion than collision, and nothing more than this latest blank fired by Agent Assange.

Please, dear reader, I beg of you, please stop applauding Wikileaks long enough to divert some of your attention to an analysis of this latest chapter in this pulp fiction.

Let’s review: According to the script anyway, Julian Assange runs a website to which whistleblowers surreptitiously send state documents. (Okay, it’s absurd already, but let’s play the game.) I am, I can assure you, no lover of this state (or any other) and its security apparat, but given that it does exist, it is then duty-bound to investigate any entity to which its secrets are being funneled, and the people on both ends of that clandestine transaction. I hate the NSA, but in investigating Wikileaks it is not overstepping its bounds. It is in fact doing precisely what it is supposed to be doing. It is spying on the people spying on them. Assange has no basis to complain here. He is (again according to the script) trying to acquire and publish secret state documents, he therefore cannot grouse when that state investigates him. It’s ridiculous.

Of course this is moot as the US is running him, not spying on him. He is their man. And this latest bluster is for effect and to keep the charade alive.

But here’s the dilemma for all the Assangists out there: Is Julian Assange actually stupid enough to believe that a prosecutor appointed by Obama would conduct an honest investigation into NSA spying, or is Assange/wikileaks  just another spook running just another psy-op? It has to be one or the other. Is the call for a “special” prosecutor disingenuous, or is Assange really dumb enough to think that a real investigator will get to the bottom of everything, punish the guilty, and prevent such things from ever happening again?

The answer is the former of course, because nobody, NOBODY, certainly not agent Assange, can be stupid enough to believe the latter.


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