Everybody’s Jumping On The $15/hr Bandwagon

The effort here in Seattle to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, nearly double what it currently is, has attracted some unlikely support–the morbidly rich. But as I said on another occasion: Beware of plutocrats bearing consolation.

Capitalist megafilth Nick Hanauer has for sometime now been masquerading as a human being, but don’t let him fool you. A friend to humanity he is not. When he’s not helping his buddy Bill Gates destroy our school system, he’s shmoozing up to the working class in the hopes that we won’t overthrow capitalism. So far, unfortunately, it’s working.

Here he is on the radio hawking the minimum wage bump. This man has amassed a fortune paying employees a lot less than the wage he now endorses. I wonder if he supports making the increase retroactive…

This interview isn’t of any generic interest, but if you are interested in how propaganda works then here it is.


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