Snowden Psy-op Update: What Europe Should Know About US Mass Surveillance, By Edward Snowden

It’s really getting boring now. His “statement” to the European Parliament is rehashed it’s-against-the-law wailing of no analytical value and absolutely devoid of specifics. In other words, it’s propaganda.

In this case, Agent Snowjob is validating all the state’s lies about Islamo-terrorism: He insists that all the surveillance didn’t stop the Underwear Bomber, “just his own incompetence.” What Snowball is hereby concealing is that this “terrorist” worked for British intelligence in a mosque which has more spooks than penitents. The UB incident was, like Snowcone himself, a psy-op.

And to whom does he address the innocuous “statement”? The EP? Does he actually think they either can or would like to do anything about the police state? This is like a Catholic complaining about Papal prerogative to the College of Cardinals. It’s a joke folks.

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