Egypt’s mass death sentences: A crime made in the USA

US Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed his Egyptian counterpart, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy, to Washington Tuesday, just one day after a court in Egypt sentenced to death nearly 700 people—alleged members and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood of ousted President Mohamed Mursi.

The five-minute “trial” saw no evidence taken, much less any defense arguments allowed, and the majority of the defendants sentenced to hang were not even in the courtroom.

This trial follows by barely a month an earlier judicial travesty in the same court, in which 529 were sentenced to die. In both proceedings, the defendants were charged with responsibility for protests in which a single policeman was killed following a US-backed military coup that toppled Mursi, Egypt’s first elected president. In the wake of the coup, the military conducted a bloody crackdown that claimed as many as 2,000 lives.

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