Video: The Hijacked Wealth

I post this video for three reasons:

1) There are those who believe that Gaddafi was a genuine revolutionary, a real anti-imperialist; whereas I insist that he was Washington’s man from the very beginning.

2) In this film it is revealed that Gaddafi was consorting with Western powers from the moment of the revolution. While he was publicly proclaiming Libya’s independence by refusing to allow Western military/naval bases in Libya, he was secretly collaborating with those same powers who were helping him consolidate his power. They were also selling him weapons. This is the first time, as far as I know, that this has been admitted. Up until now people, like me, who have been saying Gaddafi was Washington’s man were dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

3) It suggests another reason for the invasion of Libya.

I don’t recommend you watch this video as it is full of disinformation. But it represents the new distortion of Gaddafi, which like any good propaganda, contains pearls of truth which reveal just how specious the old distortion was.

Gaddafi built a (pre-Bolshevik) soviet-like socialist state which he then subverted in much the same way Lenin destroyed the Russian version. Gaddafi’s creation was called Jamahiriya, and I wrote something about it if you are interested:

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