Class War Alert, Detroit Front

Retired city workers denounce Detroit pension cuts

Hundreds of retired city workers attended meetings at Detroit’s Cobo Hall convention center on Wednesday where the union-affiliated Committee of Retirees insisted they accept deep cuts in pensions and health care benefits. The World Socialist Web Site spoke with workers as they poured out of the meetings seething with anger.

“They are putting a gun to our heads,” said one former Detroit Public Works sanitation worker. I invested a portion of my paycheck in the annuity fund and they promised us a 7.9 percent return every year. Now because the market went bad after 2008 they want to renege and make us pay back the money.”

Anger erupts at Detroit meetings as unions press for pension cuts

Widespread anger over cuts to pensions and health care benefits erupted at two meetings attended by hundreds of retired Detroit city workers Wednesday. The meetings were called by the court-appointed Official Committee of Retirees—a nine-member board of union officials and lawyers—to pressure workers into accepting the bankruptcy restructuring plan drafted by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and federal mediators.

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