Anarcho-Capitalism And the State: The Fraud That Is Stefan Molineux

Blogger’s note 10/13: Here is another example of slander-propaganda by one of Molineux’s black art predecessors:


That’s right, fraud, not fool, charlatan.

It frustrates that I sometimes, all too often really, get an argument from my fellow anarchists when I assert that these anarcho-capitalists, some of whom call themselves Libertarians and/or anarchists, are state-created, -funded, and -managed. The Austrian School of Economics was founded in 1871, the year of the Paris Commune. (What a coincidence!) It’s then principal theoretical contribution was Marginalism, which was an absolutely risible defense of a market theory of value (a refutation of the labor theory of value), one at which even loyalist capitalist economists blanch nowadays. After WW2, in response to the publication of Polanyi’s anti-markets masterpiece, The Great Transformation,  we had Hayek producing the pro-capitalist tract, The Road to Serfdom, in which he thanks the fascist governments in Germany and Italy for saving European civilization. After this we get Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard and the Objectivists followed closely by Milton Friedman from the Rockefeller-endowed Chicago School of Economics, the same Rockefellers who provided the fascist regimes with the fuel without which they could not have waged war. While it is no doubt true that at the lower levels one will encounter true-believers (poor hapless fools), at the top we find the all-too-familiar incestuous embrace of state and capital. Anarcho-capitalism is a psy-op. Capitalism, as R. Palme Dutt pointed out in Fascism and the Social Revolution, cannot offer a rational defense, so we get Marginalism, and the Uncle Milty show, and the turgid, pulpish fiction of Ayn Rand.

The latest projections of these mass-marketed deceptions are folks like James Corbet, Larkin Rose, and Stefan Molineux.

There is plenty of room to criticize Che Guevara–he was an ardent Stalinist up to the last few years of his life. It is true that he opened “re-education camps” for non-cooperative workers (and others) and lots more. But Molineux’s presentation is an undisguised attempt at demonization. The Che as rapist and child-killer comes from the counterrevolutionary forces in Miami and cannot be substantiated. Indeed these accounts can be found in, as far as I know, only one biography written decades after Che died and by someone quite unsympathetic to the Cuban Revolution.

It is not my aim to defend the Leninist dictatorship over the proletariat in Havana, wherein Guevara is complicit and for which I have nothing but contempt. My point is that Molineux is wittingly engaged in perception management. In other words, he’s lying and he knows it. Everything is calculated for effect, even down to the deliberate mispronouncing of Guevara’s nickname. Anarcho-capitalism isn’t a philosophy, it’s a psy-op, a fraud. And here’s the proof.

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