Newest Legal Laborers in Bolivia: Children

Fuck Morales!

Note how happy the Wall Street journal is with its Bolivian factotum:

Coming amid the Morales administration’s progress in expanding the economy and reducing poverty, the law, passed in July, strikes some child advocates as a Dickensian leap backward.

And how it supports the law

But Bolivian government officials say the new law simply recognizes the harsh realities of a largely indigenous country where 42% of the population remains poor and children often help support their families. The new law, the officials say, creates a wider safety net for under-14 workers by mandating that they register for work permits and that employers provide humane conditions and fair compensation.

How obscene is it?:

“The politically correct thing to say is that kids shouldn’t work,” Communications Minister Amanda Dávila said in an interview. “But the government thinks this position amounts to hypocrisy.”…After meeting with the child workers, Mr. Morales declared: “The state shouldn’t outlaw child labor. It should protect them.”

And its for their own good:

Luis Canaza, 15, argued that part-time jobs can improve math skills and provide money to buy school uniforms and books. Luis, who has been working since he was 7, performs weekend clown shows and moonlights as a “voceador,” the barkers who shout the destinations of minibuses to lure passengers.

Yes, it’s really education reform, not capitalist exploitation.

The Bolivarian Revolution is a psy-op folks.

Fuck Morales.


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