L’Antisémite, Banned at Cannes

I have not seen this film, and almost certainly never will, so I won’t comment on it. The article linked at bottom, however, is a superb example of the lengths the high druids of the Holocult are willing to go to protect their product, and the stupidity they are willing to employ to do so.

The article is hilarious in two ways:

The synopsis of the film’s plot, offered here by the Holopress balefully, is absolutely hysterical and made me belly laugh, (The Shoah Angel!) and achieves quite the opposite effect as was intended.

Secondly, there is the mournful and facile way the author presents his critique. It’s a funereal dirge, except without the genuine sympathy. I’d like to quote the piece here, but the site might ask that I take it down. So follow the link. The last few paragraphs are uproariously funny.

I am not familiar with everything which Dieudonne has done, and if he has descended into real anti-Semitism then I denounce it. Races (or religions) are not the problem. Capitalism is the problem. And blaming Jews is obscurantist nonsense.


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