Evo Morales: “Here the gringos don’t give the orders, here the indigenous give the orders”

How I’ve come to despise this man. What a charade the MAS is.

Here we hear el caudillo Bolivariano mindfuck his supporters like any head of a bourgeois state about how well he’s managed Bolivia’s modestly growing, grossly exclusionary economy, only pausing to pander in the occasional ethnic slur.

The indigenous give the orders? I guess TIPNIS doesn’t count.

The Chicago boys (neoliberal economists from the Rockefeller-endowed U. of Chicago) don’t give the orders? The fuck they don’t.

Was Morales a fraud from the beginning? Or did ruling make him one? It’s probably worth the effort to answer this question but the stench is overwhelming and I can’t hold my breath that long.

Some say anarchism is a utopian fantasy. On the contrary, it’s the only thing which can liberate humanity.


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