Trotskyphilia, There is no cure…

The WSWS is a good site which does excellent analysis of current events from a socialist perspective. However, they suffer, rather acutely, from Trotskyism, and will brook no criticism of the object of their devotion. I recently came across a review of theirs in which they, predictably, took the author to task for blaspheming their deity. The substance of my objection can be found in the feedback which I sent them, and which I reproduce below.

It comes as no surprise that a group of masturbatory Trotskyphiliacs like you would mount a defense of your deity against Ribinowitch’s mild and incomplete criticism, but in so doing you have embarrassed yourselves.

The anemic nature of your refutation testifies to its insufficiency. You say that S’s documents were later found to be forged: By whom? And when? The absence of this info’ can only lead to disbelief.

No sham trials until Stalin (whom Lenin appointed GS)? Trotsky too good, too pure to be involved in such counterrevolutionary activity?

How about the sham trial of the Left SRs? In which, under the documented advice of St Vladimir of Smolny himself, the Bolshies presented fake evidence in what can only be described as a show/sham trial.

Trotsky played a role there, of course, but it was minor compared to his hideous involvement in the disgusting show trial of the PSR.

And let’s not forget Trot’s involvement with the persecution of the revolutionary hero Myasnikov.

And how ’bout Mirinov? I could go on and on. Trotsky, like Lenin, believed in the literal dictatorship of a political party. Which would implement socialism top-down and by ukase. And in support of that idea they lied, cheated, (in Lenin’s case swindled) and did whatever they thought best to preserve that party in power. One can defend this belief, if one is vapid enough to do so, but suggesting, as you did in this book review, that Lenin and trotsky were not engaged in Macchiavellian machinations is a deception on your part and you know it.

I will past this comment on my blog, and will print yr response if it is forthcoming.

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