Jihadist Hillary?

Just another interesting link between the Clintons and the international underworld. They been in this game for a long time–since Mena anyway–and the Clinton Foundation carries on the tradition. What I’ve never learned is how they became involved as neither seems to have any family history in espionage. Yet they are major players nowadays.

I respect the anti-Trumpsters, but they don’t seem to realize that it is all a charade. Elections are mass frauds, mass deceptions. Anyone thinking that a Hillary presidency would be any different is seriously deluded. Only the rhetoric changes; different window dressing, same shopkeepers.

Whoever inhabits the Oval Office will be the COO of international capitalism, not the CEO. S/He will keep make sure that capital’s trains run on time, that shipping lanes remain open to them, punish or remove other national COOs who become recalcitrant. And, of course, put down revolts in the servants’ quarters. Policy decisions are made elsewhere and presented to them for implementation.  Trump isn’t the problem (loathsome though he may be), and Hillary certainly is not the solution. They are viziers, factota, flotsam.


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