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Horkheimer On Fascism

Here it is: Regular visitors to this blog will note that I do not abuse the word “important.” Don’t miss this. Not a big fan of the Frankfurters generally nor Horkheimer specifically but this is extraordinary theoretical work. I … Continue reading

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The Revolution Has Begun

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Voline On Revolution

Emancipation can be achieved only by the direct, widespread, and independent action of those concerned, of the workers themselves, grouped, not under the banner of a political party or of an ideological formation, but in their own class organizations (productive … Continue reading

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The Firebombing of Tokyo

Seventy years ago today, the United States needlessly killed almost 100,000 people in a single air raid.

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Blogger’s Note, 3/10/15

A bot has taken over my e-mail and is sending out who knows what. I’m sorry for your inconvenience and mine.

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Music David Rovics: Vanguard

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Quiz question: How does the contemporary American school system differ from that of 19th century Czarist Russia?

[This is actually a post I made at an education Facebook page] Reading Avrahm Yarmolinsky’s Road to Revolution which deals with the rise of revolutionary sentiment in 19th century Russia. Good book. In it he discusses the educational reforms (among … Continue reading

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