July 2015 Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded For The Globe


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Toward a Marxist Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution

Great piece.


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Noam Chomsky: “What exactly is the threat of Iran?”

Here Chomsky states the obvious and unacknowledged facts to “liberal” al Jazeera.


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An Anarchist Guide to… ACAB

I have quibbles with some of this, but I think she is largely correct.


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The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy. It is a lie.

Terrific piece save that the Euro is not the problem–capitalism is the problem. The currency is merely the battlefield on which this latest skirmish in the class war is being fought.

And yes, alas, the electoral charade: When will they ever learn. Whether Syriza was a legitimate Left unity project or the stage-mothered concoction of the Troika doesn’t matter as the results are the same. There is no benefit in mice building better mouse traps.


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How Chicago schools went broke on purpose


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President Obama Accepts Slavery In Order To Win TPP Trade Deal

This is capitalist decadence in full bloom. There are moments when the moral squalor at its core comes into view.

As Marx correctly observed:

Capitalism comes to us drenched in blood and filth.


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