A Brief History of the Class War, from the Plow to Right-to-Work, by Dave Fryett, Atlantic Base

[Author’s note: The piece below was submitted to my union newspaper and was rejected for length. Most pieces indeed are about 1,000 words, and this is about 8,000. I suggested serialization, and the editor said that I would have to reduce it to two or three stand-alone pieces. I said that that would ruin the narrative. She replied by saying that that it why she was requesting my help. Was it length or content which got this rejected? you decide.]


A Brief History of the Class War, from the Plow to Right-to-Work
by Dave Fryett, Atlantic Base

Antonio Gramsci: The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions, without becoming disillusioned.

I much enjoyed Linda Averil’s recent article about the so-called right-to-work crusade now slithering across the country. Never has any piece of legislation been more badly named. Like any marketing effort, its title is designed to mislead, to camouflage its real purpose. This struggle is not unique, however, not by a long shot, it is merely the latest battle in the age-old class war. Sadly, and through not fault of our own, most working people are largely unaware of the forces arrayed against us, and the never-ending campaign of those who prosper from our labors to keep us poor and divided. With this in mind, I thought that some historical context to the right-to-work “movement” might be of value.

Some of what will follow will be new to many of the ATU siblinghood, and will conflict with what you have heard and been taught in school. Before beginning there is a story I like to tell which illustrates the extent to which the ruling class is willing to deceive us. It involves the British poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Continue reading

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A Brief Survey Of Labor History, by Waylon Hedegaard

This guy an excellent job, succinct yet informative. Episode one of four below.


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State Covert Action And Counterinsurgency

I recently read The Most Revolutionary Act, by Stuart Jeanne Bramhall. It’s a harrowing account of her life as an activist in Seattle, and the harassment she (yes, she) endured and the sabotage she observed. The book is quite good; it’s certainly entertaining, and it can serve as a introductory manual for activists. Bramhall now lives in New Zealand, and produces an excellent blog. On the “about” page I commented (as metrobusman) at some length on the book. The string begins on May 20, and is worth reading if you are interested in this topic. She also provided links to some of the work of Michael Barker, which is really very good.

Link to Bramhall’s blog here:

About the Author

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#BlackLivesMatter Introduces a New Visa Debit Card, and Revives the Toxic Old Myths of Black Capitalism

Dixon’s piece is spot on.

Decapitate and subvert, an old strategy. Buy off the irresolute; kill off the incorruptible (Darren Seals shot and then set ablaze, gee, ya think they wanted him dead?); and then divert the rest with inane, fruitless reforms.

BlackLivesMatter was “spiritually” advised by the ANSWER coalition, which in turn is directed by the CPUSA, both groups riven with FBI. And the latter, lest we forget, originated the counterinsurgency strategy of “purposeful stupidity.” Which, apparently, still works just fine.

The plutocrats who implemented and enforce racism, and who continue to benefit from it, are still in power. So long as that is the case, racism will prevail.


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Assad Gases His Own People–Oops!, We Did That one…

For some reason I am unable to post the link here, but if you eliminate the space between the ‘https’ and the ‘:’ you will have the link

https ://www.facebook.com/newblueunited/photos/a.1473874332634133.1073741827.188464111175168/1521856444502588/?type=3&theater

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Spanish Anarchism and Women’s Liberation, by Temma E. Kaplan

Nice piece.

Spanish Anarchism and Women’s Liberation

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Israel’s African darling: Paul Kagame

How disconcerting it was to watch the Left fawn over this charlatan. Here’s a good rule of thumb for the perplexed: If Washington is supporting a political leader, s/he can’t be any good.


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Jihadist Hillary?

Just another interesting link between the Clintons and the international underworld. They been in this game for a long time–since Mena anyway–and the Clinton Foundation carries on the tradition. What I’ve never learned is how they became involved as neither seems to have any family history in espionage. Yet they are major players nowadays.

I respect the anti-Trumpsters, but they don’t seem to realize that it is all a charade. Elections are mass frauds, mass deceptions. Anyone thinking that a Hillary presidency would be any different is seriously deluded. Only the rhetoric changes; different window dressing, same shopkeepers.

Whoever inhabits the Oval Office will be the COO of international capitalism, not the CEO. S/He will keep make sure that capital’s trains run on time, that shipping lanes remain open to them, punish or remove other national COOs who become recalcitrant. And, of course, put down revolts in the servants’ quarters. Policy decisions are made elsewhere and presented to them for implementation.  Trump isn’t the problem (loathsome though he may be), and Hillary certainly is not the solution. They are viziers, factota, flotsam.


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The Madness of Karl Marx, How and Why He Sundered the First International by Dave Fryett


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The Defeat Of The Chilean Revolution

This is the best thing I’ve ever read on the topic.

[Having trouble fixing this link. If non-functional, go to libcom.org and search there.]

Click to access Strange%20defeat%20The%20Chilean%20revolution,%201973%20-%20Pointblank!.pdf


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