The Fix Is In, Again

If you don’t remember voting for him…well, you didn’t. But five sitting council members did, and so on April 27, he was selected to replace the outgoing Sally Clark. And even before being sworn in, Okamoto had already become the latest example of how, on city council and in Seattle’s city government, the important decisions are made behind closed doors by The People Who Matter. The hearings, the public process, the much-maligned “Seattle Way” – often as not it’s kabuki, a slow, elaborate dance meaning nothing. Whether it’s the “Downtown Tunnel Waltz,” the “Tear Down Yesler Terrace Rumba,” or any of countless other numbers, it’s still all the same dance. And we’re not invited.

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War, What Is It Good For?


Ask Dick Cheney.

Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War.

Diamond Dick held/holds $39 million worth of stock options. Oh yes here we see the all-too-familiar, incestuous embrace of state and capital.

How they must laugh at us.

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The Myth That Is Pacifica Radio.

I received the following in my inbox:

Dear friends, supporters, listeners and fans of Guns and Butter,

Please be sure to see below about the action needed to remain on the newsletter list.

I have some exciting news for you. As I shared with you in the first newsletter two weeks ago, Guns and Butter was censored when trying to have Gary Null on air live to discuss the issue of vaccines and specifically SB277. This is the California State Senate bill that will remove all religious and philosophical exemptions from parents of children attending public or private school. It will essentially mandate vaccinations for all children under the current California schedule and force parents to choose between vaccinating their kids, homeschooling or moving out of state.

Unfortunately, KPFA listeners were denied the opportunity to hear the facts and information about vaccines including safety, efficacy, legal issues and the corruption and collusion of the pharmaceutical industry, politicians, government officials and the media. Guns and Butter cannot and will not be censored by KPFA or anyone else so instead I did the interview with Gary Null myself. I am pleased to present to you the first of two hours of this blockbuster interview. Gary shares with us his incredible knowledge of this subject and it is not to be missed. Be sure to also read Gary’s response to Laura Prives, Program Director at KPFA regarding the censorship of Guns and Butter.

We have created a blog post, Guns and Butter Uncensored:  An interview with Gary Null, Ph.D. on Vaccines and SB277 – Part One with a link to the interview on Sound Cloud along with some additional information and links regarding KPFA’s attempt at censoring Guns and Butter. We will be posting the second hour of the interview soon so be sure to stay tuned for the email Newsletter #3 and we hope to have another exciting announcement for you in that newsletter.

I also wanted to give you an update on SB277. On Thursday, May 14, the California State Senate did pass this piece of legislation without amendments in a shocking 25 to 10 vote with mostly democrats voting in favor of it but it did have some bi-partisan support. I will keep you updated on this critical legislation…

Thank you for your continued support of Guns and Butter to help us get out the truth on important issues. Please share this newsletter with others you think could benefit from this information.


Bonnie Faulkner, Host and Producer

KPFA is censoring its broadcasters on behalf of Big Pharma. Enough said!

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The Wednesday Plays: Rank and File

Stumbled upon this by accident. It’s quite a good expose’ on the role of bourgeois unions. It’s directed by Ken Loach, and my hat is off to him.

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Beyond the ballot box: Apoyo Mutuo (Mutual Aid) in Spain

“We need to escape from identitarian ghettos that asphyxiate ideas. Sometimes within these groups one forgets to “make ideology.” Instead the same slogans are just repeated and in so doing we forget to think…”

Gracias, Dilia. Buena suerte.

Electoral politics: The government, no matter how constructed or who comprises it, is not going to emancipate you. Its purpose, its mission, its raison d’etre, is your subjugation. Supplication is surrender.

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The Wars on Vietnam

Great piece.

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How NATO deliberately destroyed Libya’s water infrastructure

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