Happy Fourth?

By the crude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled.

Here once embattled farmers stood,

And fired the shot heard round the world.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unfortunately for those heroic farmers their revolution was hijacked by the planter class who used the growing discontent with the Crown to insinuate themselves into power after the Brits had been vanquished. The real revolution, the farmers’ revolution—face-to-face democracy, local sovereignty, self-governance by popular consensus, publicly owned banks etc.—which flourished before and during the war, was ruthlessly crushed by a cabal of plutocrats known to posterity as the Founding Fathers. The latter shut down the commoners’ assemblies, the public land banks and all other forms people power and instituted an oligarchic regime as delineated by their Constitution.

And two hundred years later their legatees are still in power.

So that American Revolution failed, maybe next time…

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International call for solidarity with the case of Nicolás Neira

With anger in our hearts and a deep sense of injustice is that we remember Nicolás David Neira Álvarez, a 15 year old young man, whose early affinity with anarchist ideas led him to be bludgeoned by the Colombian riot police (ESMAD) to the point that the constant banging of his head against the pavement damaged his brain matter. This happened during the heavy handed repression against the anarchist block during the May Day demonstrations in Bogotá, 2005. He would pass away on the 6 of March.



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SDS, the 1960s, and Education for Revolution

Great piece. It’s long, but worth the effort especially for activists born after the 60s. Many valuable lessons here.


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Re-Privatizing the Family: How “Opt-Out” and “Parental Involvement” Narratives Support School Privatization


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Advice for those considering joining the military

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Plutocracy Alert: Today’s show: Du Pont, The Secret Political Power with Gerard Colby

The difficulty Colby had getting his book published tells us all we need to know about capitalism. It’s an incredible story, worth the hour to listen to it.



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The Fix Is In, Again

If you don’t remember voting for him…well, you didn’t. But five sitting council members did, and so on April 27, he was selected to replace the outgoing Sally Clark. And even before being sworn in, Okamoto had already become the latest example of how, on city council and in Seattle’s city government, the important decisions are made behind closed doors by The People Who Matter. The hearings, the public process, the much-maligned “Seattle Way” – often as not it’s kabuki, a slow, elaborate dance meaning nothing. Whether it’s the “Downtown Tunnel Waltz,” the “Tear Down Yesler Terrace Rumba,” or any of countless other numbers, it’s still all the same dance. And we’re not invited.


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