#BlackLivesMatter Introduces a New Visa Debit Card, and Revives the Toxic Old Myths of Black Capitalism

Dixon’s piece is spot on.

Decapitate and subvert, an old strategy. Buy off the irresolute; kill off the incorruptible (Darren Seals shot and then set ablaze, gee, ya think they wanted him dead?); and then divert the rest with inane, fruitless reforms.

BlackLivesMatter was “spiritually” advised by the ANSWER coalition, which in turn is directed by the CPUSA, both groups riven with FBI. And the latter, lest we forget, originated the counterinsurgency strategy of “purposeful stupidity.” Which, apparently, still works just fine.

The plutocrats who implemented and enforce racism, and who continue to benefit from it, are still in power. So long as that is the case, racism will prevail.


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