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Happy New Year

May this year be the one! And if it isn’t, please remember that while there is no justice in this world, it does have its delights. Peace and happiness.

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Why We Oppose the Police

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Origins of the police

Nice piece. Informative.

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Blogger’s Note

If one scrolls down from this post one will find some thoughts garnered from the web about the Ferguson uprising. It’s been brought to my attention that the Twitter tweets are no longer there. All that remains is the quote … Continue reading

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A Straightforward Chronology of the Sony Hacking Incident

This is easily the best thing I’ve read on this. Great job by the author.

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Baltimore Fox Affiliate Faked Video of Activist Chanting “Kill a Cop”

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David Graeber: There is a Real Revolution in Rojava

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The Death of Ivan Nikitich Smirnov

I post this article by Victor Serge because it captures the purged Smirnov so elegantly, and the analogy it draws between Stalinism and fascism. Brief and well worth the time.

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Desperate workers on a Mexican mega-farm: ‘They treated us like slaves’

Scorpions and bedbugs. Constant hunger. No pay for months. Finally, a bold escape leads to a government raid, exposing deplorable conditions. But justice proves elusive. Milton Friedman, intelligence agent and celebrity apologist for US imperialism, once said that those societies … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The “Revolution” In Cuba

Regime change in Cuba? Che rolling in his grave? The first shriek comes from a liberal, the latter a Marxist. With all due respect to both, I think the former quite confused if he thinks that Castroite Cuba more closely … Continue reading

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