Kurdish Revolution Update: Impressions of Rojava: a report from the revolution


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Remembering Sam Mbah


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India Tops World in Number Living in Slavery (14 million)

India Tops World in Number Living in Slavery (14 million) – See more at: http://ideasandaction.info/2014/11/india-tops-world-number-living-slavery-14-million/#sthash.Zku5nFq2.dpuf
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Peter Kropotkin on the Assassination of Alexander II

This brief account probably doesn’t warrant posting here, but, like everything Kropotkin wrote, it captures the essence of the subject, and suggests so much more than it says. Worth the 15 minutes it takes to read.


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A Surprising Quote from Lenin

“The workers must sweep away all phrases, promises, declamations, projects centrally conceived by bureaucrats, who forever are ready to spend time at composing the most seemingly effective plans, suggestions, constructions, standardizations. Tis all a lie! Down with all that noise of bureaucratic and bourgeois project-making, which has cracked and crumpled down universally. Down with the dilatory procedure of perpetually postponing urgent affairs! The workers must demand the immediate realization of the principle of control de facto, and what is more important, control by the workers themselves. This is most important to the success of the cause, the cause of saving the revolution from a catastrophe. Without this, all else is deception. “(The Unavoidable Catastrophe and the Limitless Promises).

It goes without saying that this was written before Lenin seized power and immediately began shutting down institutions of workers’ control and power. Once the scepter was in his hands, workers who made such demands got thrown into one of Lenin’s new concentration camps–or worse.

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Down with the Death Penalty!, by Julius Martov

The beast has tasted warm human blood…

Martov was a Menshevik of course, and was on the other side of the civil war (or that initial part when it was the socialist parties fighting amongst themselves), but everything here is verifiable. This is well worth revisiting for all it says and suggests about Leninism.


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Revisiting Alleged 30 Million Famine Deaths during China’s Great Leap

Not at all surprised that Western imperialism’s distorians (that’s dis-historians) fudged the numbers for propaganda purposes, but am a bit by just how brazenly they did so. As the author correctly points out:

 Having violated every tenet of reason, these ‘academics’ may as well have allocated all their imaginary deaths to the Great Leap years and claimed that 60 million died — why hang themselves only for a lamb rather than for a sheep!  Seldom have we seen basic norms of academic probity and honesty being more blatantly violated, than in this travesty of statistical ‘estimates.’  And seldom have noted intellectuals, who might have been expected to show more common sense, shown instead more credulous naïveté and irresponsibility, by accepting without investigation and propagating such nonsensical ‘estimates,’ giving them the status of historical fact.

Sadly, this is all too common. Everything you have been taught about history is a lie.


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