Venezuela : Chavista debate more than pragmatists vs radicals

[Can't post link. It's written by Federico Fuentes and is at the Europe Solidaire website.]

Point of evidence number one million as to why, as Rosa Luxemburg insisted, you cannot create socialism by diktat from above. There is only anarchism and counterrevolution.

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Video: Paul Gilroy On Slavery


I loved his Against Race.

[Having trouble posting embeds or links on the blog so if you google name and "what really ended slavery" it should get you to the video. Don't miss it.]


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Video: Communist Worker Explains Capitalism And Racism


I cannot recognize the first voice. The second I believe belongs to Huey Newton. And just at the end is Kwame Ture (aka Stokely Carmichael) I believe. Can anybody help me with this?


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Bailouts, co-operatives or class struggle – a debate

Well hashed out argument by the author.

[Been having trouble posting links here lately, so I am unable to send you there. You can google the title and the author’s name (Iain McKay).


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Quote Of The Day


“If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.” -


Jay Leno


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When Did Teacher Unions Decide to “TURN” Against Collective Bargaining Rights? By Kathleen Carroll

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Tea Party text books in Arizona charter school Heritage Academy

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