Red Star Over Africa Update

China eyes the Congo River

New development projects along the Congo River are bound to restore colonialist structures and looting of resources in the DRC. These will benefit elite companies and countries, but fail to prioritise poverty and access by the poor – serving only as a repressive tool to locals.


BRICS corporate snapshots in Africa

The BRICS are united in their drive for foreign direct investment, a thirst for natural resources and poor environmental regulation. A closer examination of the predatory capitalist penetration of each BRIC nation reveals multi-national companies carving up Africa in a similar way the countries of the 1884 Berlin conference did to Africa.


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Video: Seattle’s Uber drivers meet to discuss forming a union

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Red Star Over Africa: Working for China on Nigerian infrastructure

Chinese companies are implementing huge infrastructure projects in Nigeria. But like the colonialists before them, they are engaged in serious labour violations apparently with impunity. How does this ‘south-south cooperation’ benefit the Nigerian worker?

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Dis-history And The Mexican Revolution, A Critique Of Two Bourgeois Perspectives

“History is a battlefield.”[1]

One might justly argue that history is inherently interpretive, subjective, perhaps even personal. We are all its products, like it or not, and for those of us who have some sort of axe to grind or torch to carry (and that would be all of us), it is that thing which either validates our position or renders it inconsequent. As Orwell noted, whoever controls the past controls the present. Correct or not, at the very least the elite who do control the present are determined to portray the past in a manner consonant with its interests. Caveat emptor.

I wrote a review of Adolfo Gilly’s The Mexican Revolution, and since then some readers have sent me related material. Listening to the audio below, presented by Sharon Bailey Glasco, one might wonder if the two historians were talking about the same event. The former has a socialist perspective, the latter takes a bourgeois view. Which is biased? No doubt both are, but in the end each will be judged by its veracity. I do not claim objectivity: I share Gilly’s point of view. Given that historical analysis is subjective, one should allow for the possibility of honest disagreement before insinuating deceit, but at a few instances in the presentation I was left wondering if Glasco could believe what she was saying. You will judge for yourselves. But my sole aim here is to demonstrate that while Glasco’s analysis might seem the less biased one because it melds nicely with the prevailing climate of opinion promoted by the ruling class, it is in fact sectarian.

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Audio: Cindy Sheehan Interviews John Pilger


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Rich Gibson On The Common Core

The 4th Ghost Dance of the last decade is going on now, but it’s the smallest one. The first, the massive outpouring for immigrant rights that involved more than a million people marching on Mayday, 2006–perhaps the biggest one day strike in US history–was quickly demolished by nationalism, religion, Democrats, and unionites and later, the demagogue Obama. The second was Occupy Wall Street, a mindless adventure that claimed no strategy—meaning the strategy became the dumbest low denominator of whatever bozo shouted loudest in the “people’s” mike–and no leaders when the leaders were easily spotted by the police, and pretended that it occupied something when it was always swept away with ease. That was destroyed by unionites, Dems (hand in hand) and some Obama led violence. Then, the anti-tuition fights, mostly in California and NY state, but all over (note each Ghost Dance grows smaller). That was again destroyed by unionites, Dems, and a little state violence. And now, as the resistance decays even more, we see the counterfeit “test resistance” movement led by the likes of the vacillating reactionary (and probably police agent) Diane Ravitch, a god-blessing patriot in her own words, and now the unionite tops who helped write the NCLB, Ratt, and Common Core, like the $465,000 a year NEA boss Dennis van Roekel, who wants the CC and tests repaired, and all those liberal grouplets (Fairtest come to mind) who refuse to critique the source of the necessity of greater regimentation of the curriculum (always regimented by textbooks)–the source being capitalism in crisis and an empire evaporating– who want less testing (finally caught on to merit pay–the most grotesque opportunism) and who insist they want to “defend public schools,” which really means, “save my job–I already proved I will conduct child abuse to keep it”) when capitalist schooling has never been public but always segregated by class and race. What will come of this last Ghost Dance? They will lose, just like their 3 predecessors (and the 19th century tragedy that gave rise to the term) and the people they misled will learn nothing significant about grand strategy, strategy, tactics, nor even the most rudimentary methods of doing criticism. Here is the last half wit to lead the test resistance crowd, part of which is now claiming the “Patriotic” banner and calling the Common Core “socialistic” (not National Socialism).

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Counterrevolution Alert, Egyptian Front: Marching For Freedom

I think we can reasonably mark this as the official date of the demise of the Egyptian Revolution. It’s been in its death throes for some time, it’s over now. State-sanctioned protest against the state’s anti-protest laws, good grief.

It’s a good thing I’m not the kind of guy to say “I told you so.”

In Seattle there is/was a march against suicide. (I swear it!). Absurd as it is it has a better chance of achieving its objectives that the Egyptian march.

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